How to attach your strap

This is the most secure way I know to attach your new camera strap, it’s a little harder to do than normal but it’s much more secure and doesn’t leave the ends hanging out .  Trust me, even the heaviest cameras won’t pull this apart!


Start out by sliding the triglide on, (teeth side towards the strap back), then the keeper.  Then thread the webbing thru the slot or split ring on your camera.  And back thru the keeper.

Pull up a loop and thread the end thru the triglide closest to your strap.

Then back thru the other side of the triglide. (the side closest to your strap)

Pull tight and slide the keeper up so it catches all three layers of webbing.

TaDa!!  You did it!
Now that you have a nice new strap on your camera, get out there and shoot some awesome pictures !