Dream Catcher Camera Strap


$ 39.00

These one of a kind straps are truly unique with Dream Catchers, wolf prints and a pair of arrows. This unique camera strap is part of my hand painted Artisan Camera straps.

This is the only one available and has standard ends, is  adjustable from 33-46” and has a 30” fabric center section with 13-14” of webbing on each end.  (Basically similar in length to what comes with most new dSLR cameras)

Fits dSLR, SLR and Mirrorless cameras


Lightly padded camera strap has a cotton back with poly top.  On the inside there is an ultra thin layer of high strength nylon for strength and a layer of thin padding for comfort.   Back is 100% cotton Outback fabric by Robert Kaufman for comfort and durability.

2” wide so it distributes the weight of your camera without digging into your neck or shoulder.  Lightly padded to maintain flexibility. 


ten8e camera straps fit cameras that have a 3/8” wide connection slot.  This includes dSLR, SLR and mirrorless cameras.  

Please see my FAQ’s page for info on care, fitting, shipping and more.

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